Neil George
I'm an independent filmmaker in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love technology and art, so cinematography and post-production made sense.

Narrative filmmaking has been an excellent outlet for me to express myself and find purpose. So after completing my Bachelor's in Engineering, I pursued my Masters's in Fine Arts.

I've been producing narrative projects for . I also had the opportunity to work on other projects. You can watch some of the projects I've worked on and learn more about them at my portfolio page.

Yes, I offer cinematography and post-production services. Please visit the Cinematography and Post-production Services page

Throughout the years, I've produced short films, created tutorials about what I learned, and made funny videos to make everyone laugh.

Ghost Searchers: Subtly Undoes Horror Tropes
George gives the story something of a meta treatment: the investigators are often found disillusioned about the state of their profession.
- indie shorts mag
Local Filmmaker’s Humorous Paranormal Buddy Film Streaming on Amazon Prime
Filmmaker Neil George, 31, does not save his money for his retirement, a down payment on a home, a new car, trendy clothes or even the newest, most coveted electronic device. He saves, if not lives, to finance his next film.
- sunset beacon
Ghost Searchers: Short Film Review
Neil George uses a series of simple but highly effective visual tricks to create a sense of anticipation. More importantly these tricks enhance the narrative without consuming it.
- uk film review
Short Film Review: Ghost Searchers
The blend of supernatural makeup over its dry, comedic inclinations is endlessly intriguing. Pair that with the incredible attention-to-detail on the practical effects, and you have an amazing treat.
- burrow media
Ghost Searchers
The movie consistently reminded me of “Robert Rodriguez’s 10-minute Film School,” as creativity and excellent use of practical effects are on full display in every moment of this ghostly escapade.
- film threat