October 27, 2020

Ghost Searchers takes the Good Life Audience Award

At the 17th annual Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema, Ghost Searchers was screened in front of a live audience in San Francisco, California. The night after the screening, the larger audience voted and chose Ghost Searchers to receive the Good Life Audience Award.
Extremely fortunate to win this award. A big thank you to BHOC team for showcasing Ghost Searchers and for continually creating opportunities for local indie filmmakers.
Thanks to Kayren Hudiburgh & Lester Zeidman of the Good Life Grocery for presenting Ghost Searchers with the Good Life Audience Award and for supporting the film. The Good Life Grocery has been a staple in San Francisco history and has been serving the community since 1974.
The Best of Bernal virtual celebration will be streaming Ghost Searchers, With Me, African Americans and the vote, and Eleven Weeks. All films are available for everyone to watch till the 30th of November.
You can support Ghost Searchers and my upcoming productions by purchasing the film on Amazon Prime

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