June 02, 2020

The Bob Zula, CGI Artist

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The Bob Zula is an independent feature film centered around a group of friends in Huston, Texas. I met the writer and director Brandon Reich at a summer camp for young adults interested in the motion picture and visual effects field. We talked about life, film, and finally about his then unfinished feature film, and how he was looking to amp up the production value by adding some computer-generated visual effects.
Always looking for the opportunity to support independent filmmakers, I took the job! The film is on Amazon Prime. It's heartwarming. It's beautiful.
Here's the synopsis; It's senior year at Magnolia High School, and Bob Zula, with the help of his best friends, Cohan and JR, go out of their way to make their last year in their small town as memorable as possible. While Bob is in pursuit of his picture of happiness, his direction is altered by a recent break up with his long time girlfriend Cali, and then his most coveted goal, and last chance of being on the school's baseball team, don't come to fruition. Bob has no choice but to find a new identity with the help of his loyal but irresponsible and reckless friends. Together, they find themselves antagonizing the rival high school's jocks, the Tomball Baseball players, by crashing their party, and fraternizing with their girlfriends, and pulling the biggest prank Magnolia has ever seen. One choice could make Bob and his friends into legends, and possibly compromise their current clean record with the law.

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