August 12, 2020

Pictures, a Stock Footage Film

Made this video based on something I wrote a long time ago. An abstract expression of existential crisis, created using stock footage
Pictures, they don't talk at all.
Every day is another day that lets you down.
So I took a walk.
To take the world of my mind.
Many eyes are watching.
Some are not recording.
Stepped inside the same old coffee shop.
Thought a cup could turn my frown upside down.
Well, it didn't do much for me.
But it reminded me of some memories.
The ones that time had left behind.
Those days were good to me.
I see the toper with his poison.
Religious men and businesswomen.
Everyone's finding their addiction.
On the way back home.
I see the same old birds.
Why don't they fly away?
And then I look at myself.

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